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Case solved

This case took a lot of work.  There were clues all along that we had to go back and find.  Now that the game has been found we can go back to work on our main case.  George can go back undercover with the mob and I can go back to the library.  We can go back to our lives until another urgent case needs our assistance.  Some day we will find my parents killers and every case we solve will get us closer.

1st Progress Report

George and I have been looking at these clues.  We know that there is something about the messages that we need to decipher.  We have a few suspects, we started with Jim Groom, we know he is the one that hired us, but that doesn’t get him off the hook.  He really liked the game and got very nostalgic about it.   Next, we thought maybe it was Mike Black, he is unknown to us and he was the last one to have the game in his possession.  We have even discussed the possiblity that Burtis took it because she doesn’t want Groom wasting time on the game.   We can’t leave out the unknown student who could have walked in and picked it up.  We want to look at the logs for the ITCC and see who was in the building during the time the game disappeared.  We have looked up the game on line and are trying to get an emulator for it so we can play it and see if any clues can be found that way.  We are working hard to figure out these clues and we will find the missing game.


Clues Clues Clues- We are on the case

Client:  Jim Groom

Missing: 1 Atari 2600 cartridge


Title:  Night driver

Last seen:  After checked in by Mike Black, it was scanned in and placed in the entertainment center.

Note left:  Deep inside this dark ride thru 8 bit noir.

There are roads to bind in images that memory forgot.

Enjoy the ride and drive careful.

Next message left:  within the cartridge there is a map and a video both shed light on the events of the semester.

Objective:  Find the cartridge and what is on it and be discreet.