2nd Progress Report

As we said before Red and I have been looking at these clues.  We’ve located the note and know that there is something about the messages that we need to decipher. We’ve reviewed and reviewed the video for details.

We need to add Maggie Black to our suspect list. I believe Mike Black did check-in the Night Rider game, he is still unknown to us but we have evidence that the game was laying on the table in the room. Burtis is still a suspect – we think our number one suspect because she doesn’t want Groom wasting time on the game and with her comments to Groom on the weekly video it’s concerning to us.  We still need to look at the logs for the ITCC and see who was in the room during the time the game disappeared.

We have looked up the game on line and have attempted to play the game . . . We need to play it several times over so we can make sure we aren’t missing any hidden clues.  We are working hard to figure out these clues, haven’t seen the map yet, and we will find the missing game.

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