3rd Progress Report

The last few days have been very eventful . . .

We have received a couple of clues and I think we are getting closer to the guilty one! We have accomplished playing the game as you can see here:

While we haven’t found the map as of yet we are certain we are very close. We also received an email with the following clue that indicated someone was seen playing the game on a big screen tv . . .

Snapshot EvidenceAnd then today we got an audio message . . . this one is really interesting as it seems a young man (at least he sounds like a young man) is taunting us and asking us if we can hear him and then he is laughing as he plays the game! And yes we can hear the game going on in the background . . . he even crashes at the end of the message! Oh we are hot on his trail . . . young ones always reveal things before they realize what they have done or said!

We can’t wait to get the final clues in order to crack this case wide open!!

This just in . . . there has been a hack attack on the video wall!! Our little friend we are sure!

You've Been Hacked!!

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