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Case solved

This case took a lot of work.  There were clues all along that we had to go back and find.  Now that the game has been found we can go back to work on our main case.  George can go back undercover with the mob and I can go back to the library.  We can go back to our lives until another urgent case needs our assistance.  Some day we will find my parents killers and every case we solve will get us closer.

Case Solved – 4th Progress Report

This just in . . . evidence has been found in the office and home of Professor Martha Burtis! Yes, you heard us right!

While reviewing her video for week twelve assignments we noticed in the background her printer! Would you look how the note starts out – we did a zoom in to enlarge the type so we could verify that the mysterious note came from her and of course she is in the picture so there’s no question there! You forgot to remove the note prior to your recording . . . not a swift move!

Note found

We finally retrieved a copy of the map – this is also very strong evidence guiding us to the game and a child that continues to play and taunt us with the game! Or at least it sounds like a child’s voice in this audio file we received . . .

Once we found a copy of the PDF file on the internet – as you know everything you do on the internet can be located eventually and never goes away. Well your mistake – we found a copy of the map without even having the game. Your hacking skills are yet to be desired! Here is the map with a couple messages added which helped us along the way . . .

Night Driver Clue – Maps

Map Clue 1Map Clue 2Map Clue 3

As we followed the clues on the map we came up on this huge white house:

Charlton_FarmhouseNone other than the home of Professor Martha Burtis, aka “Burtis”! As we approached we starting hearing the sounds of the game actually being played – we just had to peak in the window because we just couldn’t believe our ears and what we were hearing!

As we approached the window we could see the images of the game being played again on a big screen TV! This is what we saw:


Big Screen Home TV

Our final clue was a hint she left us in our comments – then we just knew we had her! This was her motive – at least it wasn’t that she just didn’t want Groom playing the games instead of doing his work!


Watch our video from start to finish of all our clues/evidence!



3rd Progress Report

The last few days have been very eventful . . .

We have received a couple of clues and I think we are getting closer to the guilty one! We have accomplished playing the game as you can see here:

While we haven’t found the map as of yet we are certain we are very close. We also received an email with the following clue that indicated someone was seen playing the game on a big screen tv . . .

Snapshot EvidenceAnd then today we got an audio message . . . this one is really interesting as it seems a young man (at least he sounds like a young man) is taunting us and asking us if we can hear him and then he is laughing as he plays the game! And yes we can hear the game going on in the background . . . he even crashes at the end of the message! Oh we are hot on his trail . . . young ones always reveal things before they realize what they have done or said!

We can’t wait to get the final clues in order to crack this case wide open!!

This just in . . . there has been a hack attack on the video wall!! Our little friend we are sure!

You've Been Hacked!!

2nd Progress Report

As we said before Red and I have been looking at these clues.  We’ve located the note and know that there is something about the messages that we need to decipher. We’ve reviewed and reviewed the video for details.

We need to add Maggie Black to our suspect list. I believe Mike Black did check-in the Night Rider game, he is still unknown to us but we have evidence that the game was laying on the table in the room. Burtis is still a suspect – we think our number one suspect because she doesn’t want Groom wasting time on the game and with her comments to Groom on the weekly video it’s concerning to us.  We still need to look at the logs for the ITCC and see who was in the room during the time the game disappeared.

We have looked up the game on line and have attempted to play the game . . . We need to play it several times over so we can make sure we aren’t missing any hidden clues.  We are working hard to figure out these clues, haven’t seen the map yet, and we will find the missing game.